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International Journal of Engineering Associates

A Monthly Open Access Journal


IJEA is a "peer-review" and "referred" International journal. It is the committee through which experts in the field of study assess the quality of articles/journals that are submitted to it for publication. It is an open access journal that publishes high-quality research articles, all areas of Science and technology.



Editorial Board




Dr. Ahmed Nabih Zaki Rashed
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Associate Editors:

  1. Dr. Mohd Nazri Ismail (MALAYSIA) CV
  2. Er. Neeraj Jindal (INIDA) CV
  3. Er. Rajeev Pundir (INDIA) CV
  4. Ms. Roopa Singh (INDIA) CV
  5. Dr. Rupak Sharma (INDIA) CV
  6. Mr. Sachin Khurana (INDIA) CV
  7. Dr. Subha Ganguly (INDIA) CV
  8. Mr. Nayak S.K (INDIA) CV
  9. Er. Surayamubeen (INDIA) CV
  10. Er. Tarun Goyal (INDIA) CV
  11. Mr. Vijay A Tathe (INDIA) CV
  12. Dr. Vuda Sreenivasarao (INDIA) CV
  13. Dr. M V Ragahavendra (INDIA) CV
  14. Dr. Krishna Kumar Mohbey (INDIA) CV


You can join this growing group of scientific and social publications as any of the following ways:

IJEA welcomes competent academicians to join us as Reviewers. Being a reviewer is a matter of prestige and personnel achievement. IJEA follows a strict set of guidelines while accepting the applicant as a reviewer of IJEA. The minimum set of qualifications for being a reviewer of IJEA are listed below:


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