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IJEA is a "peer-review" and "referred" International journal. It is the committee through which experts in the field of study assess the quality of articles/journals that are submitted to it for publication. It is an open access journal that publishes high-quality research articles, all areas of Science and technology.



Volume 1 Issue 4

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1 Survey of Anomaly based Network Intrusion Detection Techniques used in N-tier Web Applications
Ramavath Bikku , Gurubelli Ravi kumar , Venkanna Thejavath

2 Enhancing Clock Skew by measuring Least Square Fit method to identifying unauthorized nodes in Wireless Ad-Hoc Networks
C.Chandru Vignesh, A.Christopher Paul, Dr.S.Karthick
3 Smart Storage In Future Smart Grid
G.K.Mahajan, C.P.Patil, S.R.Ghuge
4 PWM Inverter Approach For Harmonics Improvement
Dr.Sharad W Mohod, Mr.Deepak R Khadse,Mr.Santoshchand R. Agrawal
5 Mobile Learning In Increasing Interest And Learning Communication Students
Deni Darmawan ,Yuda Gumelar
6 Photodiode Based Optical Power Measurement Setup
Ms.Gayatri Kulkarni, Ms.Rujuta Tamhankar
7 Protected and Efficient Ranked Multi Keyword Search over Cloud
M.J.D.Ebinezer, M.Ashok, S.Ravi
8 Performance enhancement of land mobile satellite system
R.Nandhini, C.Arunachalaperumal
9 Hiding Sensitive Knowledge By Applying Randomly Changing Algorithm
Rahul P. Mirajkar, Jagannath B. Metkari
10 Web Backslider: Detection of Malicious Pages Using Gadgets
Mr. Rahul P. Mirajkar, Miss. Rajanigandha Patil
11 Analysis Of Closed Coil Helical Spring Subjected To Heavy Duty
Varun Brijpuria, K.K. Jain
12 Optimization of I.C. Engine Piston Using Finite Element Method
Gayatri Vaishnav, K. K. Jain
13 Thermal Analysis of Centrifugal Impeller Using Finite Element Method
Piyush Upadyay, K.K. Jain
14 Monteggia Fracture Diagnosis Based On Fuzzy Edge Detection
Rahulsinh B. Chauhan
15 Air Pollution Diagnostics Using Variety of Sensors under Real Time Crisis
D.Rishikesh, Nithin.K.Kurian
16 Secure Access Control System using RFID.
Mrs.S.J.Mane, Mr.P.U.Dere
17 An Effective Classification Rule Technique for Heart Disease Prediction
Dr.S.Vijayarani, S.Sudha
18 An Efficient Data acquisition Routing Algorithm For Underwater Acoustic Sensor Networks
Y.Suresh kumar, H Devaraju, Y Ramesh Kumar
19 An Efficient Spatial Objects Ranking Algorithm
M.Sreedar ,S. Sateesh kumar, Ramesh Kumar
20 A Proximity Phrase Association Pattern Mining of unstructured text
Nalini, Satyanarayana Mummana
21 A Novel Data Cleaning Technique using CFDs
Kuna Venkata Kiran,Sivarama Krishna
22 An Aggressive Clustering Method In Accommodated VANET
G Sriram, V Mahesh, Y Ramesh Kumar
23 A Matrix Based Crossover For DNA Fragment Assembly Problem
Shalem raju,G.Samuel Vara Prasad Raju
24 Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles- A new storage and transportation for future Smart Grid
Mangesh G.Gokhale, Tushar.M.Wadghule, Sagar.R.Ghuge
25 Palm Print Identification: Effective Bio-metric Solution for Personal Identification
Khot Sagar S. , Mane Vikram A. , Dhole Amit B.
26 Online Banking Fraud Detection by Hidden Markov Model
Saumya Monikutty Varghese, Rupali Bhagavan Jadhav, Dipankar Gobind Patra, R.R.Agrawal
27 Improving the Dynamic Optimization Methodology In WSN By Using MDP
G.Abija , J.Johnsi , T.Preethija , D.Balakumaran
28 Captcha: A Defensive Mechanism Against Attacks
J.Jayavasanthi Mabel , Mr.C.Balakrishnan
29 Misbehaving Node Detection And Renovation Scheme In Disruption Tolerant Network
Aarthy D.K. , Mr.C.Balakrishnan
30 Modelling Of Communication Networks In Multicluster Systems Using Mot Under Bursty Traffic
T. Preethija,a G. Abija,b and J.Johnsi c
31 Design & Development of Fault Diagnosis of Distribution System using Automation & Control
Mitesh Zatakiya, Ami Patel, Brijesh Parmar
32 Design and Analysis of Switched Multiple Model Adaptive Control for Local Controllers
Ami T Patel, Prof. Satish K Shah, Hardik A Shah
33 Analysis of the dynamic impact of large wind parks in power systems based on SCIG
A.P Choudhari, Vikram S Patil