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IJEA is a "peer-review" and "referred" International journal. It is the committee through which experts in the field of study assess the quality of articles/journals that are submitted to it for publication. It is an open access journal that publishes high-quality research articles, all areas of Science and technology.



Volume 1 Issue 3

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1 A Survey on Secure File Sharing In the Cloud
Muthu Krishnan .S, Murali Dhar .M .S

2 A Pipelined Scalable Virus Detection Processor for Embedded Network Security
R.Kanimozhi, P.Harsha, C. Subashini
3 Power Aware Self Testing For Embedded Processor With Dependable WSN Nodes
T.Jackulin,C.Amutha ,Mrs.M.Ramya
4 Normalized Face Recognition System
N. B. Boodoo-Jahangeer, S. Baichoo,R.K. Subramanian
5 Performance Analysis of Epidemic Routing Protocol for Buffer Management Policies in DTNs using ONE
Samina Mansuri
6 Realization of Hybrid Active Power Filter Applied to BLDC Motor Drive Using Dual Instantaneous Power Theory
G. Satyanarayana, K.L. Ganesh, CH. Narendra Kumar
7 Power Quality Improvement by Using 7-Level Multi-string APF Interfacing to Distribution Generation System
G. Satyanarayana, K.L. Ganesh, CH. Narendra Kumar
8 A Novel Agent Based Intrusion Detection System
Kamala Kumari, H Devaraju, Y Ramesh Kumar
9 A Performance Comparison Of High Utility Based Mining Algorithms
S Satyam Narayana Mummana, S Dileep
10 Implementation of DWT Based Image Compression Using Modified SPIHT Algorithm
D.Vanathi, R.Rajeswari, N.Mahadevi
11 Elastic Properties of RCC under Axial Loading
S. K. Kulkarni, M. R. Shiyekar
12 To Alleviate Distributed Dos Attacks in Allied Applications with Clock Drifts Using DPH
Sudha.L, Muthukumarasamy.S
13 Analysis of Reign Monitor Service for Web Enabled Distributed System
B.Poonguzhali, T.P.Anithaashri
14 Optimization of inventory model using fuzzy geometric programming
W.Ritha and Sr. A. Sagayarani